Industry Bridge Internship Program

About The Program

The Industry Bridge Internship Program is Dominion Arts Foundation’s flagship arts initiative. We understand that experience is always the best teacher and there is no substitute for real life learning. The more experience gained, the better prepared young people are for successfully entering and sustaining a career in creative fields!

To that end, Dominion Arts Foundation supports the growth and development of future artists and creative business leaders through the Industry Bridge program. Through this program, internships with arts related organizations and entities are available for eligible high school and college students interested in creative, technical and/or business careers in arts and entertainment industry. Through a network of arts and entertainment professional business partners, students gain quality instruction, hands on experience, introduction and exposure to veterans in the industry, and opportunities to contribute to the launch and/or run of a live stage, film or TV production.

High School & College Students

Structure of the Program
Internships are available to both high school and college students throughout the school year. College Internships are roughly 3 month long and are unpaid positions for the Fall, Spring, and Summer intervals. High School Internships are 3 month long unpaid positions for the Summer only.

While the positions are not paid, students do receive an honorable stipend to help offset school related costs including, but not limited to: living expenses, books, registration fees, application fees, etc. Once assigned to an internship, student will receive a monthly stipend. Payments are contingent on student maintaining a good standing with the work site and fulfilling the work requirements and maintaining a sound academic standing in school.

Qualifications & Eligibility

High school applicants must be between the ages of 15-18, must be between actively enrolled in a high school (if graduated must have diploma) within the state of Georgia, and have a work permit.

College applicants must be between 18-25, must have a high school diploma or GED, must be enrolled in a college or certificate program.

Ideal candidates are focused, community engaged and artistically inclined.
Candidates must be available to work all workdays for their assignment as well as 2 workshop/seminars designated for the semester and an end of assignment report.

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