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Francesca Axam Frederick
Director of Development

With over 8 years of experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, and marketing, I am passionate about advancing the mission of Dominion Arts Foundation. As the Director of Development, I oversee all aspects of fundraising, donor relations, communications, and events, working with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers to raise awareness and resources for our programs and services. I also leverage my MBA and marketing skills to develop and implement effective strategies to expand our reach, engage our stakeholders, and increase our impact. In my previous roles, I have successfully led and supported institutional giving, visitor services, patron services, and theater management for various arts and media organizations. I have also honed my skills in editing, performing arts, and dance as a mentor, intern, and supporter for Pentacle, a nonprofit that provides administrative and artistic support for dance artists and companies. I am driven by the values of compassion, justice, and empowerment, and I strive to bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the nonprofit sector.